Training Section

The Training Section has the monumental task of ensuring the entire Sheriff’s Office meets state training requirements. This section is responsible for training new employees to ensure they are adequately prepared to handle situations that may arise on shift. 

Departmental TrainingDepartmental training consists of training that is required of all Sheriff’s Office employees, regardless of position. These courses include topics like ethics, professionalism, and basic functions of the Sheriff’s Office.

New Sworn Employee TrainingSworn employee training consists of courses specifically tailored to Deputy Sheriff personnel. Topics for Sworn Deputy Sheriff personnel include warrant service, court testimony, evidence procedures, administrative tasks, weapons training, defensive tactics, and officer safety.

New Jail Employee TrainingNew jail employee training is tailored to Correctional Officers. While some Correctional Officers may have experience working for other agencies, for some this is the first venture into a jail environment. Courses start with basic skills and go from there. In the end, Correctional Officers are trained in security policies, defensive tactics, administrative tasks, inmate concerns, and officer safety.