Sheriff Victor Hill

Terms as Sheriff01/01/2013 – Present

01/01/2005 – 12/31/2008

Biography Sheriff Victor Hill was born in Charleston, South Carolina, where he attended public school and studied criminal justice at Trident Technical College. His law enforcement career began at 18 years of age when he joined the City of Charleston Police Department serving under legendary Police Chief Ruben Greenburg. Victor pursued career growth opportunities and was hired by the Clayton County Police Department. Victor eventually earned promotion to Robbery Homicide Detective. Furthermore, he became Clayton County’s first African American officer serving as a hostage negotiator in crisis events.

Victor was elected to represent Clayton County Citizens as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives from 2003-2004 term. During his tenure, he successfully authored four bills that became Georgia law: (1) Crack down on drug crimes, (2) domestic violence, (3) use of bullet proof vests during the commission of a crime, and (4) stricter supervision of child molesters preventing them from hiding under first offender status. In 2005, Victor became the first African American elected Clayton County Sheriff.

During his first term, Sheriff Hill waged an unprecedented war on crime in Clayton County with the following results: (1) Captured nine of Clayton County’s ten most wanted; (2) Created three elite task forces to confront Clayton County’s high crime rate: (a) “Cobra Unit” to combat drugs by saturating high crime areas, (b) “Joint Vice Task Force” to fight gambling and prostitution; and (c) “Stalking Unit” combating domestic violence by “stalking the stalkers.” (3) Sheriff Hill and his Deputies executed Clayton County’s most successful assault on drugs and violence – “Operation Jericho” resulting in murders decreasing by 30% and aggravated assaults decreasing by 11%.

Under Sheriff Hill’s leadership, the Clayton County Jail is recognized as being the safest, cleanest, and quietest jail in the Southeastern United States. This is achieved by implementing military boot camp standards and offering inmates privileges for performing hard physical labor cleaning up Clayton County’s roads and public parks. Furthermore, the Sheriff’s tough stance on crime suppression includes positive community outreach programs protecting seniors, sponsoring rehabilitation of people trying to stop various addictions, and deterring youth from committing crimes and earning their high school diplomas.

Sheriff Hill is serving his fourth term protecting and serving Clayton County’s 270,000 citizens. The public’s confidence and support is based upon Sheriff Hill’s reputation and results as Clayton County’s “Crime Fighter” and his relentless quest to rid Clayton County of drugs and violence. Sheriff Hill extends an open invitation for anyone needing assistance to contact his office at 770-471-1122.