Offender Maps

Sex Offender and Wanted Person Maps

The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office is working with the Clayton County Community Development Department to bring the citizens of Clayton County an interactive map that so that the people of Clayton County can view offenders that live near them. The GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Section of the Community Development Department has developed the map to show the location of people who are wanted and the location of sex offenders in the county. Without the knowledge of the employees of the Community Development Department, this project would have never happened due to financial restraints. This map is generated from two different technologies currently in use that have been programmed to work together. Using the information from the main databases holding criminal information and the GIS Section’s mapping software, we get an interactive map that helps us locate offenders.

Click on the following link to access the Clayton County Offender Map:

— Clayton County Offender Map


These maps are for general reference and are currently undergoing development. Accuracy is not guaranteed. The download times for these documents will vary depending on your Internet connection speed and layers (settings) enabled on the map.

The Warrant Map shows the last known address for the person that is wanted. It does not guarantee that the person is at the address right now. If you feel the person is at the location indicated, please contact the Sheriff’s Office or Police Department as soon as possible by calling 911. DO NOT try to confront the individual yourself. If you feel the information about an individual is not accurate, please contact the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sex Offender Map shows the registered location of offenders in Clayton County. This information may not be used to intimidate or harass the offender. It is for your own peace of mind and safety. You may not contact the individual listed on the registry for reasons related to their offense. If you have a suspicion or information about an individual, please contact Sheriff’s Office. If it is an emergency please call 911.


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