K-9 Unit

Fighting Crime One Bite at a Time

The K-9 Unit is a full service, dual purpose unit trained in narcotic detection, Bomb detection and patrol. We have units assigned to the Jail Operations Division, VIPER Unit, Special Operations, and Tactical Patrol Units. The K-9 Units also assists other units of the Sheriff’s Office as well as surrounding cities, counties, and federal agencies with drug searches and locating and apprehending suspects who run or attempt to hide. Clayton County Sheriff’s Office is the first law enforcement agency with in Clayton County to have a Bloodhound program. K-9 Tracker (Bloodhound) is used to fight crime by locating criminals as well as searching for missing children or elderly adults who may have wandered away from their love ones. K-9 teams respond to assist, seven days a week, 24 hours a day to meet the Sheriff’s needs. K-9 teams also assist with emergency calls for service including “officer needs help”, “assistance” or “back-up” calls. The K-9 Unit currently consists of German Shepherds, Belgium Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds, and a Blood Hound. Each K-9 Team is nationally certified.

Our K-9 Teams are:

— Lieutenant Peter Thompson – K-9 Bojar

— Lieutenant Joseph Stoy – K-9 Tier

— Deputy T Thompson – K9 Tracker

— Hunter – K-9 Coudy / K-9 Scout

— Operator Issac – K-9 Jack