Executive Operations Division

Executive Operations Division (EOD)

The Executive Operations Division consists of the Chief Deputy, Assistant Chief Deputy, Budget Administrator, the Legal Advisor, Cobra Unit, Vice Unit, and the Internal Affairs Unit. Along with regular employees, the division is also made of several special units and volunteers. These include the Honor Guard, SWAT Team, and the Sheriff’s Reserve Deputies.

Chief DeputyThe Chief Deputy is the highest non-elected position in the Sheriff’s Office. The Chief Deputy is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the Sheriff’s Office and answers directly to the Sheriff. The Chief Deputy assists in directing, supervising, and managing the operations of the Sheriff’s Office. For more information on the Chief Deputy, click here.

Legal AdvisorThe Sheriff’s Legal Advisor provides the Sheriff, and other departmental employees, with relevant legal information and advice as needed. For more information on the Legal Advisor, please click here.

Community Relations Unit (CRU)The Sheriff’s Community Relations Unit (CRU) is the liason between the Sheriff’s Office and the community. For more information on the Community Relations Unit, click here.

Budget AdministratorThe Budget Administrator handles budget requests and maintains the department budget.  For more information on the BUdget Administrator, Please click here.

Internal AffairsFor more information on the Internal Affairs Unit, click here.

Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) TeamThe SWAT Team page is currently under construction and will be available soon.

Training UnitFor more information on the Training Unit, click here.

Honor GuardFor more information on the Honor Guard, click here.

Sheriff’s Reserve PosseThe Sheriff’s Reserve Posse consists of volunteer sworn officers that assist full-time Deputies with the operations of the Sheriff’s Office. For more information on the Sheriff’s Reserve Posse, please click here.

CCSO Flow Chart
  • EOD Commander
    Chief Deputy Roland Boeher

    Email: Roland.Boeher@claytoncountyga.gov

    Office: 678-479-5350