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Community Relations Unit

The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office values the county’s elderly citizens. If you feel you have been a victim, or know of someone who may have been a victim, of elder abuse, please call to report it.

Elder Abuse in the Community

Elder abuse is a real problem that exists. Fraud victims over the age of 50 account for over 57% of all fraud. Many members of our community are likely to have been or will be affected by elder fraud or abuse. In 2017, Congress enacted the “Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act.”

There is a free article on Comparitech’s website titled “How to avoid and detect Elder Fraud: A guide for older people, carers, and relatives” that provides some free information on how to identify and detect elder abuse and fraud. Additional resources can be found at the Georgia Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services and the American Association of Retired People (AARP) websites.

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    Sergeant J. Curney


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