Cobra Unit

Targetting High Crime AreasEstablished in January 2013, the primary focus of the Cobra Unit is to target high crime, drug, and prostitution areas. The seven man unit has made over 2,000 arrests since it’s creation, the majority of which have been for drugs and prostitution.

The Cobra Unit also conducts knock-and-talks (KAT’s) in reference to neighborhood drug complaints and unusual activities. A recent KAT produced a felony arrest and a seizure of crack cocaine.

Community PatrolsThe unit patrols high risk areas focusing on suspicious activity. These areas are identified based on county 911 statistics.  By already being in high risk areas, the units are close by to assisist with priority calls from other agencies and conduct Road Safety Checks.

These “high risk” areas consist of:

–High Burglary and Armed Robbery Calls.

–Complaints of Illegal Drug Activities.

–Complaints of Unusual Activities.