Scorpion Response Team (SRT)

In 2002, the Clayton County Sheriff's Office Correctional Emergency Team (CERT) was established. This was done due to the ever changing times to deal with high risk events and violent inmate encounters. The initial team consisted of 32 members. The team has since be re-named the Scorpion Response Team (SRT) due to the forethought of our fearless leader. The Team has consisted of prior military officers, prior law enforcement/corrections officers and others with no experience. This Team turned out to be a highly motivated and dependable group of male and female Operators. Due to their diligence and hard work, they have forged a reputation of respect, task oriented and progression with a yearning for constant learning and evolution. The SRT Team has developed into a Team which has become worldly recognized for their professionalism and para-military discipline. The current Team consists of approximately 20 members and continues to have high standards of physical fitness and tactical skills to earn the honor of wearing the coveted SRT Patch and red/black uniform.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Interior shakedowns/security inspections.

2. Escorting inmates to disciplinary segregation.

3. Transporting/moving disciplinary or high risk inmates throughout the facility.

4. Perimeter inspections.

5. Cell extractions.

6. Responding to disruptive/assaultive/violent inmate calls.

7. Hostage/Riot situations.

8. Section disturbances.

9. Fire evacuations.

10. New employee physical agility.

11. Command Inspections of the facility.

12. Conduct shift checks of Orientation and all Segregation Units.

13. Assist with searches of inmates going to/returning from court.

14. Assist Field Division with order and control in requested court rooms.

15. Assist Jail Security Teams with high profile and violent inmates in the hospital.

16. Any other situation that would interfere with security operations of the facility to include tours and power outages.


                                                 SRT Team