Secondary Metals Recycler Registration

This code section explains the following:

- Exemptions to the law.


O.G.G.A. 10-1-358This article shall not apply to purchases of regulated metal property from:

(1) Organizations, corporations, or associations registered with the state as charitable, philanthropic, religious, fraternal, civic, patriotic, social, or school-sponsored organizations or associations or from any nonprofit corporations or associations;

(2) A law enforcement officer acting in an official capacity;

(3) A trustee in bankruptcy, executor, administrator, or receiver who has presented proof of such status to the secondary metals recycler;

(4) Any public official acting under judicial process or authority who has presented proof of such status to the secondary metal recycler;

(5) A sale on the execution, or by virtue, of any process issued by a court if proof thereof has been presented to the secondary metals recycler; or

(6) A manufacturing, industrial, or other commercial vendor that generates or sells regulated metal property in the ordinary course of its business, provided that such vendor is not a secondary metals recycler.