Secondary Metals Recycler Registration

This code section explains the following:

- Covers recovering stolen regulated metal property.


O.G.G.A. 10-1-357(a) If the secondary metals recycler contests the identification or ownership of the regulated metal property, the party other than the secondary metals recycler claiming ownership of any regulated metal property in the possession of a secondary metals recycler may, provided that a timely report of the theft of the regulated metal property was made to the proper authorities, bring an action in the superior or state court of the county in which the secondary metals recycler is located. The petition for such action shall include a description of the means of identification of the regulated metal property utilized by the petitioner to determine ownership of the regulated metal property in the possession of the secondary metals recycler.

(b) When a lawful owner recovers stolen regulated metal property from a secondary metals recycler who has complied with the provisions of this article, and the seller or deliverer is convicted of theft by taking, theft by conversion, a violation of this article, theft by receiving stolen property, or criminal damage to property in the first degree, the court shall order the defendant to make full restitution, including, without limitation, attorney's fees, court costs, and other expenses to the secondary metals recycler or lawful owner, as appropriate.