K-9 Unit

Fighting Crime One Bite at a TimeThe K-9 Unit is a four man unit with three full service, dual purpose K-9's trained in narcotic detection and patrol. One K-9 team is assigned to the Jail Operations Division Security Section and is trained in narcotics detection. The K-9 Units assists other units of the Sheriff's Office with drug searches and locating and apprehending suspects who run or attempt to hide from Deputies. The K-9 Units also assists other agencies, including cities within the county and surrounding the county, as well as several federal agencies. The K-9 Unit consists of German Shepherds, Belgium Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds. Each K-9 unit is nationally certified.

Our K-9 Teams are:

-- K-9 Coudy, with handler Deputy Griffin.

-- K-9 Tir, with handler Deputy Kearns.

-- K-9 Pipo, with handler Deputy S. Brown.

-- K-9 Aires, with handler Officer D. Johnson.


Retired K-9's

-- K-9 Adam, with handler Lieutenant Hensley.

-- K-9 Rekko, with handler Sergeant Sobczak.

-- K-9 Pyro, with handler Deputy Kemper.

-- K-9 Jaro, with handler Deputy Wheeler.

-- K-9 Athena, with handler Deputy Fox.

-- K-9 Moro, with handler Lieutenant Johnson.

-- K-9 Thor, with handler Sergeant Thompson.