Jail Support Operations Section

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Outside contract workers work for various companies and each employee must be screened before being allowed to work within the jail. Outside contract workers typically consists of personnel working for medical, maintenance, property, commissary, and food services. However, it also includes those in performing more specialized functions like power plant operators and elevator repair technicians.

 The Jail Support Operations Section is responsible for non-security functions of the jail that keep it running smoothly on a day to day basis. This is a broad section and its functions include contractor services management, Bond Administrator, Work Release, Records, SKIP, and the Chaplaincy Program.

The following units are assigned to the Jail Support Section:

Sheriff's Kleen Initiative Program (SKIP) For more information on the SKIP program, click here.


Records SectionFor more information on the Records Section, click here.

Work Release For more information on the Work Release program, click here.

Chaplaincy Program For more information on the Chaplaincy Program, click here.

Infirmary Officer The Infirmary Officer assists medical staff with calling for inmates that need to be seen by visiting medical personnel. Once the inmates are in the Infirmary, the Infirmary Officer provides security for the medical staff.