Jail Security Operations Section Managed by Captain Johnson

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Captain Johnson is responsible for overseeing the officers and inmates in the following areas:

- Housing Units 3, 4, 5, and 8

- Intake

- Dormitories

- Work Release


Jail Security TeamsThe Jail Security Teams are split into three shifts of Correctional Officers. Each team works an 8-hour shift. Each team has a Lieutenant and three Sergeants. The Security Teams deal with the inmates on a one-on-one basis every day, ensuring the inmates comply with rules, are fed, and are in good health. The teams are also responsible for booking and release of inmates and ensuring they are ready for court and medical appearances.


IntakeIntake is where inmates enter the facility. After someone is arrested, the officer will deliver the inmate and any committal documents to Intake. The inmate will be searched, for safety and security, and booked into the computer system. Once booked in, Inmates will be fingerprinted, photographed, and dressed in an inmate uniform. All inmate property will be collected and maintained by a contracted third-party property management company. Additionally, before being moved to housing, each inmate will be evaluated by medical staff for any special needs or medications so that each inmate receives the medical services they require while in our custody.


OrientationOnce an inmate has completed the Intake process they are moved to an orientation unit. An orientation unit is where an inmate will learn the rules and procedures of the jail. Inmates are explained what is expected of them and given the initial set of supplies they will need for general housing. All rules and regulations are explained. During the orientation process, which is three days long, inmates are restricted from receiving visitors or commissary items.