Jail Operations Division (JOD)

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The Jail Operations Division consists of two sections. These sections include Jail Administrative Operations Section and the Jail Security Operations Section.

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In addition to the two sections, the Jail Operations Division also has several units and positions that work directly under the supervision of the Jail Administrator. These units and positions are listed below.

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Mission of the Jail Operations DivisionThe mission of the Clayton County Jail is to provide a safe, sanitary, and secure place of incarceration for inmates and the staff who work there.

Some of the functions and responsibilities of the Jail Operations Division are:

-- Administering and Processing of Court Documents and Orders

-- Receiving and Processing of Inmates

-- Housing / Feeding / Clothing of Inmates

-- Providing Medical Care to Inmates

-- Providing Religious and Educational Services to Inmates

-- Providing Visitation to Families of Inmates

-- Maintaining Safety and Security for all Inmates and Staff

-- Releasing of Inmates

-- Work Release


Jail Procedures

On January 01, 2013, Sheriff Hill implemented new procedures and policies for inmates and staff in the Clayton County Jail, which include:

-- Disciplinary Guidelines (Para-Military).

-- Procedures for serving inmate meals.

-- Demanding inmate responsibility for self-discipline and actions.

-- Instituting measures for staff compliance (Para-Military).

-- Re-evaluating and instituting a higher level of security in the jail.


JOD Chart