Inmate Services

Inmate Visitation For more information on Inmate Visitation, please click here.

Inmate Bonding For more information on Inmate Bonding and to access the Sheriff's Office Online Docket, click here.

Sheriff's Online Jail Docket Inquiry The Sheriff's Docket contains information regarding inmate admission and releases from the county jail. This information may include charge and bond information, if available. For more information on the Online Jail Docket, click here.

Inmate Special Commissary For information on sending inmates special commissary, click here.

Inmate Mail For information on sending inmates mail, click here.

Inmate Accounts For information on the Accounting Section, click here.

Inmate Pre-Paid Telephone Accounts

For information on pre-paid inmate telephone accounts, click here.

Proof of Incarceration For information on obtaining a proof of incarceration, click here.

Inmate Medical Records For information on obtaining medical records on a current or prior inmate, click here.