Sheriff Hill's Initiatives

Establishment of a Joint Vice TaskforceThe Sheriff's Joint Vice Taskforce targets unwanted activities that draw crime to the county while partnering with other agencies. These activities include drug use, gambling, prostitution, and gang activity.


Community Notification using Nixle.comNixle is a free website that allows public safety agencies to communicate with the public for free.


Sheriff's Kleen Initiative Program (SKIP)SKIP uses inmate labor to clean up communities around Clayton County.


Establishment of Jail Special Response Team (SRT)The SRT is activated when its special skills and tactics are necessary to maintain the secure integrity of jail operations. It accomplishes non-routine security operations and reinforces or assists Jail Security Teams during their daily operations.


New Jail Policies and ProceduresOn January 01, 2013, Sheriff Hill implemented new procedures and policies for inmates in the Clayton County Jail, which include:

--Disciplinary Guidelines (Para-Military).

--Procedures for serving inmate meals.

-- Demanding inmate responsibility for self-discipline and actions.

-- Instituting measures for staff compliance (Para-Military).


Special Management MealsThe Sheriff has authorized Special Management Meals to be administered for specific major rule violations to modify behavior and to gain compliance. These meals are administered in seven-day cycles with a vitamin drink supplement. Inmates on Special Management Meals are medically cleared for the program and monitored by medical staff while on the program. Nutra-loaf is prepared in compliance with the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council.


Instituting Higher Level of Security in the JailThe Sheriff has authorized the Jail Administrator to conduct searches of any person, including employees, contractors, volunteers, and any other person wishing to gain access to the secure area of the jail.